Saturday, July 13, 2019

Summer is Here!

"Gathering" Pastel 15.5 x 11.5 inches

"Ocean Beach"  9 x 12 inches

"Golden Evening" Pastel 9 x 12

In most of the country ( United States ) , summer is hot and sometimes humid...
Here in the coastal haven of Santa Cruz, our summers are naturally cool often waking to foggy mornings that give way to sunshine by midday.
When I first moved to this part of California coming from southern Cal, it was a bit dreary during the summer and I complained..  As time marched on and I aged a bit, I have come to cherish these cool mornings and evenings as it is nature's air- conditioning! I have become less tolerant of heat and so time has placed me in the perfect location!
These recent paintings are my newest additions to my portfolio. Seascapes are a new genre for me and I was spurned on to try them by artist friends and inspiration from other artists in my medium of soft pastel.  I may have found my muse... and to think, the inspiration is in my backyard!
How lucky am I!?
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Wishing you a cool summer!

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