Saturday, February 2, 2019

Starting off the New Year with a Chirp and a Screech

Happy New Year friends in art and joy! 
I am sharing the joy once again with a few of my paintings.  For the month of January I challenged myself to paint a painting a day for 31 days! Most of these are small little gems....sizes range from 
5 x 7 inches up to 9 x 12 inches. 
This experience gave me so much more than practice.  It gave me a solid goal, a purpose for each day, structure and decision making practice, and the result was rewarding!  Everyday I posted on social media and all my wonderful supporters cheered me on!  All these friends that I only know on my iPhone!  People I will likely never meet.  Yet, each day I reached out and shared and each day they responded with love and support.  
We humans are social pack animals.  We thrive in a group.  We have a biological need to belong.  For some that belonging is narrowed to the virtual world of social media and whereby I really never thought I could belong there....well there I am.  The trick is to stay humble and stay engaged.  It's not a platform to boast or gain "likes"....that stuff is kind of weird...but really if you look at it honestly, it adds some sense of belonging to your life.
Is it real?  That's up to you.  What's real for me at this stage in my life is seeking joy and happiness....and then sharing it.  

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