Thursday, June 18, 2020

In the art world, there is a language one must learn. Outline translates to contour. Form to mass. Lightness or darkness of an image to value. Color = hue.
In the pastel world, the surface you apply your pastel to is referred to as support.  There are an array of supports one can use... sanded surface, un-sanded surface, prepared surface with a grit substance called gesso.  Each has its own unique properties when receiving the application of pastel.
I have tried them all and am convinced that SUPPORT MATTERS...

Support life, too. Sometimes it's the make it or break it moment when the support you ask for is given or not... As a parent of two adult children who are in the productive "making it" phase of their lives, I am their cheerleader. I am their support. Their coach. Every moment is an opportunity to make their day .... or break it. Support matters. 

As an artist, I am selective to whom I reach out to for support...Usually it is my fellow artists who offer the best support...they've been there. Making art is a solitary journey...even if you are in a studio full of others making art at the same moment. Each one of us is putting our creative juices out there for everyone to see...and judge. Be kind. Encouragement goes a long way for one to reach success......Support matters.


As a world citizen, how I live and make my footprint on the earth matters to me. I try to portray the beauty of my surroundings with my landscape paintings. I support the earth in my contributions to organizations that matter to me and the world. 
Please check out these organizations to see the work they do to protect our environment.


Here is a recent painting now available!

"Placidly Purple"


I love to paint birds and animals.
I am a fierce advocate for humane treatment of all animals big and small. I contribute monthly to this organization and by supporting me you also contribute!

"Fur Baby"


As a concerned ally of people of color and marginalized communities, I have intimate knowledge and experience having raised children, now adults, who are different in our world. Of course, to me , they are perfect! Unfortunately, some people perceive others different from them a threat .I support the organization, Southern Poverty Law Center, whose mission is to fight hate and teach tolerance. You can check out their work here: 


I so hope you have continued this far in your reading of my message to you. While I love to share my art with you, I thought it important for you to know who you are supporting when you support me!

I now have fine art prints available in my print shop! The originals of these prints have sold and so I now offer premium giclée prints among other products. Please check it out at:
Thank you for taking the time to read my latest newsletter. Be safe, be well, and take good care of one another. 
Much love to you and yours,
Donna Theresa
Donna Theresa Fine Art

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