Saturday, April 28, 2018

Grocery Shopping for Ideas!

"Trio"  Pastel 6 x 11  © Donna Gross
Need ideas for your next painting?  Go to the grocery store and pick out some produce!  Yep! That's what I did today on my weekly run to Safeway.  I saw those red, yellow, orange peppers stacked ever so artfully and I perused the pyramid for the one with the most interesting stem!  
With what I thought was skillful deftness, I tried to pry my prize from the near bottom of the stack....much like a lively game of Jenga....
Down they came tumbling around me in an array of orange!  Looking around, I spotted another shopper quietly giggling at my predicament.  My daughter scurried over to my rescue and between the two of us we had the pyramid rebuilt in no time. 
So, next time you need some inspiration...just go shopping! But do take care where you pick from !!

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