Wednesday, October 4, 2017

On the Road with Pastel Pencils

"Shadow Play"   5x7  Pastel  © Donna Gross

I am still traveling and finding time to draw with pastel pencils.....Am I painting or drawing?   When I have pencils in my hands, it feels more akin to drawing like with colored pencils.  When I have those luscious sticks of pastel chalk , I am painting.  To me these pencil works are studies for more in depth work later on.....I am able to capture the values, choose the colors, and provide composition and perspective for a more in depth and perhaps a bigger work of art.  I am working with Faber- Castell pencils which I enjoy for quick studies. Keeping them sharp and in good working order is a bit more tricky.  I find that sharpening them can result in broken off tips and I feel I need to take special care when using the sharpener.
Tonight I am sleeping on a train in a sleeper car. What a way to go! All Aboard!

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