Saturday, May 26, 2018

Bon Voyage!

"Three's Company"  Pastel 14 x 11 © Donna Gross
Tomorrow I leave for a grand European vacation with my family.  New adventure awaits .... more memories to be made.  Our fabulous family of four has traveled together several times....Hawaii, Belize, Washington D.C., Paris, Australia, name a few.
Travel allows me to put my life on hold... to peak into another dimension of life .... to appreciate the grand glorious world we ultimately return home with a renewed gratitude...I will return with oodles of inspiration for future works of art! I plan to sketch and watercolor during my travels creating a journal of colorful visual entries.... trying a new medium will add to the newness of everything.  Stepping out of my comfort zone is what I love to do. Curiosity is what motivates me to create....what better way to achieve that than to travel!
The above piece is the last pastel for is a larger version of a small tree study I did awhile ago.....Hang onto that vibrant color !  It'll be back! 
~À bientôt~

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