Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hello Again! Memories from Europe....

"Roses of Slovenia"  Pastel 11 x 14 © Donna Gross
 Four countries, four people, eight locations, walked 130 miles....trains, planes, stinky buses,  gliding gondolas....Europe. Travel is intense living. Three and a half weeks is an ambitious time frame to fit it all in.  My family and I landed in Munich...first impression...the neo-gothic town hall in enormous building dripping with gargoyles and spires...bells ringing...this, our first sight up from the subway into the light of Germany. We were speechless...there are no buildings even remotely close to that first impression here on the west coast of California...Munich, Bavaria, Venezia, Slovenia, Croatia, Istria.....
We hiked the alps in southern Germany...a grueling 4 mile knees are still cranky after nearly 6 weeks...the breathtaking
"A Stand Out in Munich"  Pastel  11 x 14 © Donna Gross
     panorama view from the top of Nebelhorn...
     Lovely honey colored cows each with it's own bell filling the airwaves with old world song.  We brought a miniature bell home for one of our cats...she's a bit of a cow...we love her.
Venice...everyone needs to go to Venice and if art is your's mandatory. The light is turquoise. I tried to stare at the light so as to imbed it into my memory, so as not to forget, so as maybe to capture it in a painting...we'll soon see...
The jewel that is Slovenia...a best kept secret with it's quaint capitol Ljublijana...(lyooblyana)...the birthplace of marionette puppetry, who knew?
Onto Croatia and engrossed with the history of the once war torn Yugoslavia seeing remnants of buildings that were victim to the violence. Imagine the people then. It's a long story that continues.
This story will continue as well..... stay glad to be back at my easel.
~Ciao for now.
"Poppies for the Taking"  Pastel 11 x 14  © Donna Gross

"Romancing Rovinj"  Pastel  8 x 10  © Donna Gross

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